Two Steps Jewellery-Wearers Should Take after Losing a Lot of Weight

Two Steps Jewellery-Wearers Should Take after Losing a Lot of Weight

Two Steps Jewellery-Wearers Should Take after Losing a Lot of Weight

21 February 2020
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If you are much slimmer than you once were and you wear a lot of jewellery, you might find it helpful to take some of the actions described here.

Have your watch bands resized

If you have a selection of watches that you like to wear, then you might need to get the bands on these items resized if your weight loss has led to your wrists and hands getting thinner. Having these jewellery items resized will ensure that they don't slip off whilst you're wearing them and end up broken or lost.

Even if the items in question are not very valuable and you're not too concerned about losing or breaking them, you should still have them resized. If, for example, your watch band has become so loose that it slides off your wrist every time your hands hang down, the watch could potentially slide into your meals whilst you're preparing or trying to eat them (which, if the watch is quite dusty and grimy, could make those meals inedible).

Additionally, if you often wear your watch whilst using your laptop, it could fall off whilst you're typing up a post for a social media platform or responding to an important work email, and you could hit a selection of random keys. This might result in you sending a nonsensical message. By getting some links taken off your metal bands and having your leather watch bands shortened, you can avoid these embarrassing mishaps.

For more information, reach out to sellers of watch bands. They may have some helpful tips for you.

Reassess your jewellery collection

After losing a large number of kilos, you might need to reassess your jewellery collection. This is because when you were heavier, you may have worn certain jewellery items with the intention of emphasising a specific body part and downplaying another one.

For example, if you used to feel quite self-conscious about your lower body, you may have worn a lot of very chunky, colourful necklaces and earrings in order to accentuate your upper half and thus make that other area of your figure less noticeable. However, if, after slimming down, your lower body is more proportional and you feel comfortable wearing things that might draw attention to it, you may want to try wearing other types of jewellery. For example, you could splurge on some pretty ankle bracelets that you can don whilst wearing culottes, skirts or dresses.

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