Starting a Body Piercing Shop? Look Out for These Popular Piercing Trends

Starting a Body Piercing Shop? Look Out for These Popular Piercing Trends

Starting a Body Piercing Shop? Look Out for These Popular Piercing Trends

25 February 2020
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For you to run a successful body piercing business, you need to stay on top of trends in the industry. In addition to the conventional ear lobe and nostril piercings, people today are going for more daring and unique looks. You need to stay updated with these trends to ensure you have the right supplies and expertise to meet your clients' expectations. With this in mind, here are the top five piercing trends you should familiarise yourself with when launching your business.

1. High Nostril Piercings

A high nostril piercing is an upgrade of the standard nostril piercing. As the name suggests, the piercing is made slightly higher on the nostril. It is unique and makes it possible for individuals to layer nose piercings for a more dramatic look. Its location offers limited jewellery options, and the most practical ones are nostril screws, studs and L-shaped pins. 

2. Septum Piercings

Another trend that's here to stay is the septum piercing. This one is incredibly daring and painful. However, the results are worth it. In this case, you pierce the septum, which is the cartilage that separates the nostrils. Users can wear different types of jewellery, including septum hoops, circular barbells, retainers, clickers and bead rings. Septum piercings take a while to heal and require extra care as compared to regular piercings.

3. Stacked Lobe Piercings

Lower earlobe piercings have been around for decades. However, the traditional style features only one piercing on the lobe. Today, individuals are going for a more daring look where they get multiple piercings on the lobe and stack jewellery. Some people even get piercings running all the way to the upper ear. When done correctly, this style is incredibly appealing.

4. Daith Piercings

Daith piercings are located on the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. The cartilage inside the ear is pierced and a piece of jewellery inserted. The most common types of jewellery used are hoops or bead rings. Note that Daith piercings are painful and can take up to a year to heal. Therefore, when offering this service, you need to educate your clients on how to care for the piercing to avoid infections and prevent the body from rejecting it.

5. Industrial Piercings

One final trend that has been around for a few years now is the industrial piercing. This features two piercing points in the outer ear. The two are joined together using a single, diagonal barbell. Jewellery options include standard barbells, design barbells, hoops and spirals. Industrial piercings are popular with both sexes, and they give wearers a minimalist yet appealing and daring look. Just like Daith piercings, they also require extra care to heal properly.

These are the top trends to watch out for when starting your piercing business. To learn more about body piercings, contact body piercing jewellery suppliers in your area.

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