Reasons To Invest In A Custom Wedding Ring And The Best Technique To Choose

Reasons To Invest In A Custom Wedding Ring And The Best Technique To Choose

Reasons To Invest In A Custom Wedding Ring And The Best Technique To Choose

10 September 2020
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Although you are sure to buy a range of jewellery for both yourself and others throughout your lifetime, one can be hard-pressed to find a piece of jewellery that is more important than a wedding ring. While the engagement ring may come close, the wedding ring that you choose for your partner is indubitably supposed to be a showstopper yet somehow still suit your loved one's personal style. So how do you pull that off?

The answer is a custom wedding band. While it may seem easy simply to purchase ready-made jewellery, sentimentality does not go into the creation of these beautiful rings. Granted, although custom may connote expensive, the custom jewellery does not have to burn a hole thought your wallet. This piece highlights a few of the reasons why you should invest in a custom wedding band and the best technique to deliberate on.


One of the biggest benefits of choosing to invest in a custom wedding ring over the mass-produced variety is that the former shows you have put a considerable amount of effort in creating the perfect gift. And if you have been under the impression that designing a unique wedding band will be too daunting, you should note that this presents you with an opportunity for you to feel your creative muscle.

For starters, you can choose to go with your partner's birthstone as the centre gem rather than the standard diamond. Secondly, you can have the wedding ring engraved with a unique message or a date that is special to both of you. Consult with your jewellery maker on how best you can go about to customisation process to determine what options will be suited to your budget.

Superior quality

The second reason why you should go with a tailor-made wedding ring over the ready-made bands is the guaranteed superiority in quality that you get from the former. While selecting unique elements to create the ring is an essential step towards its appeal, the artisanship provided by your jeweller goes a long way in enhancing its value.

First, a jeweller will not only stick to your requests, but they also will recommend additional specifications to enhance the finish of the ring. Furthermore, in addition to the use of specialised equipment, intricate designs can be created by hand for a sophisticated touch.

Which technique should you choose for the custom wedding ring?

While there is a myriad of techniques employed in jewellery making, 3D cutting is steadily becoming the top choice for custom-made pieces. Three-dimensional software not only ensures that you and the designer have complete control over the elaborate details such as the shape of the stone, size and so on, but the precision it offers also diminishes the risk of mistakes.

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