Looks Aren't Everything: Practical Considerations When Customising a Wedding Ring

Looks Aren't Everything: Practical Considerations When Customising a Wedding Ring

Looks Aren't Everything: Practical Considerations When Customising a Wedding Ring

5 October 2021
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A custom-made wedding ring should be one that you love to look at, and it should also be one that you love to wear. However, looks don't always equal comfort. As you discuss your ring design with a jeweller, you must take into account your daily life and how that will affect your use of the ring. Wedding rings are meant to be kept on most of the time, which means that your design has to allow for that without making you uncomfortable or annoyed.

Lifestyle Factors

Are you very active? Do you cook a lot, especially foods like bread and meatloaf, kneaded and shaped by hand? Do you regularly work in your garden? Or are you mainly a computer person or bookworm instead? Your wedding ring needs to be compatible with this. Even if you take your ring off before participating in activities like sports or cooking, that means the ring has to be easy to remove at the very least. If you play sports but think you won't be removing your ring, then whatever you design has to be tough enough to not bend or sustain dents.

Ease of Cleaning

Plus, if you do things like crumble up raw ground beef with your hands or dig around plants without garden gloves and you forget to take off your ring, your ring needs to be easy to clean. You do not want to design something where soil, flour and meat can become trapped in the shank design, gallery, or stone settings.

Remember that daily activity, even if it doesn't directly involve dirt or raw meat, can make a ring dingy over time. You want a design that you can keep clean and shiny with relative ease.

Secure Settings

If the ring will have stones, how secure can you make the settings? This is particularly important if you are active; you want the stones to stay in place and not fall out should a prong bend back. Different settings offer different levels of security in this respect. The jeweller helping you with the design can show you how settings keep stones in place.

Sizing Changes

No one likes to think about it, but your weight can change, including in your hands. Your fingers can become wider or narrower as your weight changes. As you design the shank, or band, of the ring, keep in mind that one day, you might have to have the ring resized. If your design includes a wide band, consider making the very bottom of the band, called the sizing area, a little narrower. That will make it easier to resize the ring without leaving a mark.

Give all of these issues some thought, and discuss them with the jeweller. Your design and ring will turn out to be much better if you do. For more information, contact a custom wedding ring provider in your area.

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